Top Technology Advancements Over The Years

Technology has changed from where it used to be many years ago for people. Now that we have had advancements in technology most people are no longer to expecting to receive anything new without it being updated. Although there are some advancements in technology not all products or items have been updated thus causing some businesses to lose profits. An example is for a person to purchase a new refrigerator but noticing that it does not have an ice maker like newer models, this would make a person no longer want to purchase this fridge from this company. The advancements have thus caused people to expect a certain thing when purchasing a certain item for their home or life. There have been many technology advancements that have taken place, the main ones will be listed to show the advancements that have taken place.

Smart TV

At one time TVs were considered great just because they had color but now with the advancement of technologySmart tv people
are now expecting to have a smart TV or an HD TV at this time. This shows how technology has moved past having color to now people wanting to have apps on their TV or to have their TV in a certain format for extra gains. Televisions that are not smart TVs will slowly become less and less appealing as compared to smart TVs that are available for people.


Technology has changed your watch from just a tool to tell time to now becoming everSmart watchesything more. A smart watch can call people, take pictures, shoot videos and even play music which is not what they were made for previously. The watches that are now considered to be standard in terms of only telling time are becoming a thing of the past through their expensive purchases as opposed to smart watches that are cheaper to purchase. Smart watches are a road to the future, with medical, business, and personal advances in our life’s told in this article while speaking of other technological advances in our near future.

Media Streaming

Some people have broken the chains from having to have a cable provider to now being able to use their gaming consoles for TV purposes. These consoles will allow a person to be able to watch TV from their console rather than having to purchase a cable or TV provider to be able to watch TV. At some point streaming media will eventually take over the standard TV options if technology continues to grow at this current pace we are seeing.